3 criteria for a successful video platform

Nov 7, 2019

Many video producers want to start their own video platform. As you may have read in our recent post, having your own video platform gives important benefits over a social media platform such as YouTube. In this blog we will specifically consider the conditions for being successful with your own video platform.

1. The quality of the videos

If you view this purely from a technical point of view, you will have to film your videos in Full HD. If you only present your videos in 360p or 720p, there is a good chance that consumers will drop out when watching (certainly on a large screen). By choosing Full HD, you are sure that you can offer your viewers the best experience on all screens.

Regardless of the technical requirements, you should also consider the frequency with which you keep adding videos to the platform. Daily uploading is not necessary, unless of course you are a vlogger. But weekly uploading is a must to keep your video platform interesting and relevant.

2. A thought out marketing plan

The second condition that you must meet, is having a thought out marketing plan. A marketing plan is always important within a company, and therefore also for your video business.

In this marketing plan you explain what your target group consists of, how you can best target them and by which activities, and which goals you want to achieve. Marketing channels that you can use are; social media, online advertisements, newsletters, but also offline activities such as events or festivals.

It is wise to test your plan with several people from your network or company. By involving several people, you often come to new insights.

3. A profitable commercial model

The last condition that your video platform must meet, is applying the right revenue model. For example, do you want consumers to pay per video? Is it more relevant to make the payment through a subscription? Or do you make certain videos accessible for free? These are all kinds of questions that you will have to consider when determining your earnings model. A tip is to ask the target group itself.

It is important that you meet all 3 conditions when you want to become successful. Nobody pays for bad quality. And if consumers don’t know that you exist they don’t pay at all. 

If you want to know more about setting up a video platform, feel free to contact us.