The future of video


At AudiencePlayer, we believe that any company in the world must be able to start its own video platform, with all the necessary tools to monetize video content.   

The company was started by Doron Nethe and Ammar Tijani in 2009 as a result of three simple market insights:


1. The video market is growing

The world wide video market is growing 10% per year. Netflix, YouTube and Amazone Prime are responsible for almost 60% of the internet downloads. When you think about how many hours people are watching video versus reading, the audience has already spoken.

2. More businesses are creating videos

Nowadays not only broadcasters and operators create video content. Thousands of YouTubers are using mobile cameras, creating videos within a couple of hours by using simple editing software. It’s even possible to record your own documentary or shoot your own training video by using a light weighted hand held camera. This relative easy way of producing content enables new industries and businesses to enter the video market. 

3. Owners have lack of control

There exists all kinds of video platforms, like YouTube, Netflix or Instagram, enabling content owners to stream videos to their target audience. However these platforms don’t allow content owners to get in depth statistics about their fans, like email addresses. Also it’s impossible to setup different revenue models, like subscriptions or pay per view, resulting in poor monetization models. 

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