Our Story

About us

At AudiencePlayer, we believe in challenging the status quo and doing things differently. We believe in the resourcefulness of people working in a playful environment, and we fell in love with the quickly evolving video-service technology business.

The company was started in 2009 by Doron Nethe and Ammar Tijani as a result of three simple market insights:


1. The race for attention

Getting attention from video consumers will get harder. People are being exposed to more premium video-service offerings, which are increasingly available at their fingertips, driving simultaneous multi-platform usage with no long-term commitment required. This is creating an environment of device fragmentation, content overload, constant churn and fierce competition.

2. Turning video users off

In this competitive environment, exploiting video services that don’t engage will immediately turn users off. Video services that are poorly designed, difficult to use or without targeted and personalized content discovery will result in failing video-service brand promises, and fixing that will come at a price.

3. Raised consumer expectations

Consumers are increasingly raising their expectations of their video- service provider(s) of choice. New levels of video-service differentiation will be required, driving long-term consumer loyalty, revenue growth and competitive advantage.

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