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"We have chosen AudiencePlayer as our new partner-in-crime-and-many-other-genres. The dedicated AudiencePlayer team takes care of a seamless and enjoyable user experience with their flexible end-to-end video solution, while we can focus on driving growth with new OTT business models. AudiencePlayer enables us to (re)connect with our audience in a professional, flexible and playful way!”

Marike Muselaers | CEO at Lumière

"I definitely recommend AudiencePlayer! As a self-employed person, I get a lot of personal guidance from the team. Not only about the technology, but also about how to scale up my video platform with promotions and (online) campaigns. I am convinced that the collaboration with AudiencePlayer offers me a great opportunity to make my dream come true, to enable as many people as possible to experience the benefits of yoga!"

Mieneke Zijlmans | Founder at SmartYoga