Web Summit, why should you go?

I attended the Web Summit in Lisbon 2016, and it was GREAT! Of course I am a suspect as a Portuguese who lived in Lisbon for a few years. The city was vibrant, full of live, kind people, awesome weather, tasteful food… God how I miss that!!

So actually attending web summit 2016 was much more than the world’s most disruptive technological innovators gathered together in one single place. Was also about observing a city, which was in a big depressing crises when I left, coming back to life in the most potential way.

Visiting old friends. Talking about the new touristic wave haunting Lisbon, the high rent prices, the exponential growing of startups, and of course celebrating to be among the biggest tech brains in the World!

Of course many people is against this kind of events, as they start as a startup boost, and year upon year gather the most well known tech companies in the World to pay the bills. But what’s wrong with that? I loved hearing what the CEO’s of big companies have to say. Even when I don’t hear something really new. That means that we are aligned and that the company where I work is in the right path, right?!