The 2 most important benefits of starting your own video platform

Oct 30, 2019

A lot of companies post their videos on social media platform, like YouTube. Of course YouTube is a great platform to reach millions of viewers. But starting your own video platform gives you 2 very important benefits that you don’t have with YouTube. 

1. Increase your revenue

Starting your own video platform, gives you full control over your revenue model. YouTube pays on average 1 dollar for every 1000 views. But with your own video platform, you can opt for a subscription, for one-time payments or for advertisements, effectively resulting in higher revenues. Imagine that 2 percent of your YouTube subscribers is willing to pay for your videos. What would this mean to your revenue?  

2. Know your target audience better

Having your own video platform gives you deeper insights regarding your target audience. In example, when consumers create an account on your video platform, you get information like email addresses, gender, age, mobile phone numbers etc. With this data you are able to communicate with your fans in a personal way (emails, news letters, push messages). With social media platforms, like YouTube, this is not possible, since you will not be able to see who your viewers exactly are. 

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